How I Rate Books

Content Intro Rating System Favourite Books Diversity Rating by Genre Conclusion So we all saw Lauren have a meltdown on Twitter dot hell over 4 star reviews, complaining that reviewers were being pretentious (paraphrased and not exact wording). Booktube, booktwt, bookstagram, book bloggers, and I’m sure even booktok have likely had and will once againContinue reading “How I Rate Books”

Pawcasso by Remy Lai

Index Book Information Author Information Review Review: **** eARC and finished physical copy provided by the publisher as part of the release book tour. Opinions are all mine and uninfluenced by the publisher or author. Pawcasso is a middle grade graphic novel…and the premise sounds so simple yet the story is so complex. As aContinue reading “Pawcasso by Remy Lai”


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