I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trigger Warnings: homophobia and biphobia mention, sexism and misogyny, divorced parents, fainting, public argument, anxiety

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQ+

Publication date:  2nd March, 2021

Publisher: Underlined Paperbacks, Penguin

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Synopsis (taken from Goodreads)

A sweet and funny debut novel about falling for someone when you least expect it . . . and finding out that real life romance is better than anything on screen.

Emma is a die-hard romantic. She loves a meet-cute Netflix movie, her pet, Lady Catulet, and dreaming up the Gay Rom Com of her heart for the film festival competition she and her friends are entering. If only they’d listen to her ideas. . .

Sophia is pragmatic. She’s big into boycotts, namely 1) relationships, 2) teen boys and their BO (reason #2347683 she’s a lesbian), and 3) Emma’s nauseating ideas. Forget starry-eyed romance, Sophia knows what will win: an artistic film with a message.

Cue the drama. The movie is doomed before they even start shooting . . . until a real-life plot twist unfolds behind the camera when Emma and Sophia start seeing each other through a different lens. Suddenly their rivalry is starting to feel like an actual rom-com.

Author bio: Auriane is the author of I Think I Love You, and works as a middle school teacher and freelance editor. She holds an MA in English Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing for Children & Young Adults. She lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Sammy, who is a certified bad boy.

***ARC Provided by the Publisher and TBR and Beyond Tours via Netgalley for an honest review as part of a blog tour. Click here to see the rest of the blogs participating in the tour and read their reviews!


Y’all know I’m always yearning for a quality sapphic romance. This cute little book gave my closeted little high school self some much needed visibility and solidarity. I Think I love You is an enemies to lovers sapphic romance after your own squishy little romantic heart. Y’all it’s SO FKN CUTEEEE.

Emma and Sophia have been at odds the day everyone realized they’re the only two queer girls in their grade and therefore prime subjects for everyone’s favourite real life queer ship. Neither of them are having it and therefore by default they hate each other, doesn’t matter that they have the same friend group. The story opens up during their junior year summer (I think) when Emma receives an email about a student film competition that could open her to the industry opportunities of a lifetime. Plus she finally gets to make the sapphic romance she’s always wanted to see herself represented in. Too bad, Sophie the Grouch and Love Hater returns from her year in France to force upon their group an ~edgy~ and ~avant garde~ movie to hopefully win the festival.

This book is infused with teenage matchmaking shenanigans, massively dramatic fallouts, appropriately profound insta love moments, and the cutest CUTEST enemies to lovers development ever. Emma and Sophia can’t even tell it’s happening, that’s how cute it is.

Without spoiling the story of course, I will say that this book talks a lot about coming out and how that impacts the lives of queer folks across the board. I know that it’s tiresome to read books and consume media so tied to coming out when it comes to queer stories but they’re needed anyways. They might be in multitudes but the market is definitely not saturated with coming out stories, certainly not ones that handle it well or that don’t simply aim to pile on traumas on their queer characters.

I Think I Love You provides you with a coming out story that addresses coming out and the impact of it without making it the whole plot (that’s the chaotic romance lol). It folds the importance of that event into the ongoing life of chaotic New York gays in the most mundane way possible and, I think, in some way that’s what coming out should really be. As the book put it:

It belongs there, because for some of us, coming out in some way is an inescapable part of falling in love.

I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre

For the rest of us coming out is just… another day in the life.


see y’all in my next review byeeeee 🙂

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