The Last Ten Books Tag

Wellllll looks like I’m finally doing something atypical on this here blog. My beloved Chanelle tagged me to do this blog post tag. Click here to read her snappy lil blog post. The original was posted by Marc Nash over on Youtube. We love cross media content!!!!

Just a disclaimer: I’ve edited some of the prompt titles to fit the way i’d say them for no specific reason whatsoever other than I felt like it. Original prompts can be found on Marc Nash’s post.

In we go

The Last Book I DNF’d

Thaaat would be Something To Talk About by Meryl Wilsner. There’s something about boss-employee romances that really set me on edge. Might be the power dynamics in play. PLUSSSS this has an age gap and while the younger person is over 20 I cannot stomach that when the younger person is my age. I know I’m personally pea brained and others might not be but the difference in life experience and just maturity is off putting. It’s especially weird with queer romances too because for some reason that’s just normal especially with like teens and college kids. nooooooooooooo. To each their own but definitely not something I can read.

The Last Book I Re-read

Full book reread was probably Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston but that was minimum 1.5 years ago. I don’t reread a lot. I get bored constantly because I know what’s coming. Instead I just reread specific scenes that make me emo lol. That would be Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams because I wanted to Feel Thingsโ„ข. I’m a simple bitch I just need hella fluff ๐Ÿ™‚

The Last Book I Bought

…so many… I’ve got Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg by Kate Evans coming in from Verso books in a few days. I’ve been trying to read up on non fiction more, especially leftist and socialist writers. I know nothing about Rosa Luxemburg except that last week was her 150th birth anniversary. I’ll get around to them eventually. As y’all know, last year I had a ban on purchasing books except for collectors’ editions. It flopped. One reason it flopped was because I kept buying nonfictions which for some reason I also gave a pass. LOLOL hennyways….

The Last Book I Faked Reading

Ah yes my high school and college pass time was faking reading assigned books as was the case for everyone, I’m sure. I do tend to say I’ve finished a book when I get to 50% especially with contemporary because I got the gist of the story and whether it’s good or not by then. I marked Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon as read just before 2020 ended so I’d meet the goal lol. I finished it soon after but I definitely faked it for the tracker.

The Last Book I Annotated

Once again this has to be my paperback copy of Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. I haven’t scribbled in it but I have colour coded tabs for certain things I want to track as I read like Alex’s ADHD indications, hot vs cold symbolism for Alex and Henry, etc. Last book I scribbled in is probably Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky from high school or something like that. High school AP annotations turned me off close readings for books. Weirdly enough I teach my 5th graders to annotate their short readings. Evil cycle.

The Last Book That I Had Signed

I think that was Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi if I’m not wrong… Her signing got pushed back from December 2019 to like late January 2020 and that’s deadass the last one I think before panhellenic hit and a bunch got cancelled. I got to go on stage and do the lil “Vengeance on these WHAT??” “VENGEANCE ON THESE HEAUX” chant it was magical I hope there’s a video floating around of it bc I went with no one so don’t have one myself. Plus I said hi to Tomi Adeyemi’s dad which was it’s own magical moment lol.

The Last Book I Lost

Still waiting on my friend to mail me back my copy of Tell Me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi and although I know who has it, I’m labelling it as lost until I get it back… ๐Ÿ‘€. It’s such a soft and cute book and just looking at the cover makes my chest ache its jshdfkjaehrbkejhrbe i love it.

The Last Book I Replaced

I mean I guess I replaced the An Ember In the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir with the Fairyloot editions but like… I only had the first one because *don’t hurt me* I wasn’t that into them. BUT I WILL GIVE THEM ANOTHER TRY NOBODY COME FOR MY HIDE I PROMISE I WILL READ THEM AND LIKE THEM

The Last Book That Led to an Argument

Wouldn’t call it an argument but my discord book club pals and I have a whole channel dedicated to Bridgerton crack and we frequently get into it about random details. We all agree but we all are overly enthusiastic about having hate read them. LOL it’s a good time.

The Last Book I Couldn’t Find

Oh for the longest fucking time I thought someone had stolen my copy of Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. I thought my brother had taken it and lost it or lent it out to someone. Turns out that book was squarely in the middle of my Riordan bookshelf and I apparently just glazed over. I found it after like a year of searching and keeping a track list of who I’d asked and who I believed could be lying about it because they lost it. It was a full blown investigation that was cut short when I rearranged my bookshelves and found it sitting in its rightful place right next to House of Hades. Astounding what two years away from home can do to your eyesight…

cool cool cool cool cool that was FUN actually. Might do a few more random posts like this since they’re far easier to write. Reviews take a lot because I have to actually censor spoilers and make sure things are well formatted with links and whatnot but this was a breeze. Let me know if there are other interesting tags you’d like to see from me and I’ll gladly do them.

Tag yourself to do this if you want!!! I’m too much of a chicken to tag specific people lololol

Ok thanks byeeeeeeeeeee :)))))

2 thoughts on “The Last Ten Books Tag

  1. Ah! You make me want to read the bromance book club series more and more every time you mention it. OMGG YOU HAVE THAT SPECIAL EMBER EDITION IM SO JEALOUS. WE LOVE TO SEE IT. I love tags because they’re so easy to read and so funny to see what people say for the exact same questions as someone else. Really enjoyed this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you must IMMEDIATELY binge read all three of you have time orrr wait until the fourth one is out in june then chug through them then theyโ€™re my absolute favourite!!! I bought the ember books on a whim lol Iโ€™m determined to be as obsessed as everyone else is ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค Tags really are fun I didnโ€™t expect to enjoy it so much here we are. Time to dig for more lolol thank you for reading ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž


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