How I Rate Books

Content Intro Rating System Favourite Books Diversity Rating by Genre Conclusion So we all saw Lauren have a meltdown on Twitter dot hell over 4 star reviews, complaining that reviewers were being pretentious (paraphrased and not exact wording). Booktube, booktwt, bookstagram, book bloggers, and I’m sure even booktok have likely had and will once againContinue reading “How I Rate Books”

The Last Ten Books Tag

Wellllll looks like I’m finally doing something atypical on this here blog. My beloved Chanelle tagged me to do this blog post tag. Click here to read her snappy lil blog post. The original was posted by Marc Nash over on Youtube. We love cross media content!!!! Just a disclaimer: I’ve edited some of theContinue reading “The Last Ten Books Tag”

The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn

As per request on my only Instagram poll to get more than 15 people in engagement, here is my full series review of the Bridgerton book with Netflix show comparisons to boot. I began reading the Bridgerton series after finishing the Netflix show and finding myself unable to stop thinking about this idiot family. Unsurprisingly,Continue reading “The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn”

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